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Skin Care

How to enrich your sensitive skin moisture every second without choosing the incorrect skin care product? Dermova product line is the answer. It optimizes skin's moisture level and vitality, and helps protect it against the damaging effects of free radicals. With daily use, this lightweight, all day moisturizer leaves skin softer, smoother and glowing.

Dermova products are skin care products with superior quality, natural-based, European-style formulations. It is manufactured with advanced, innovative skincare technologies. 


I have used the Dermova Skin Care for over three years and got convinced to try another sensitive skin care product line. Within a month I was seeing signs of patchy breakouts appearing and a tightness in my cheeks and forehead. I was worried that I had done some damage and immediately went back to my routine with Merry Clinic. I was so appreciative of the quality of the products to start healing, because they calmed my skin and have returned my completion to clear and soft again. I love your products and have referred many of my business associates and friends to your site. I even directed a very skeptical sister-in-law to your clinic, and have recently learned she got desperate enough to consult with Dr.Li. She is very satisfied with her progress and is finally optimistic about her healing. You Go Girl! I'm so..... happy I found your site on the internet and got Brave and gave it a try. It was a difference maker for me. Lyn.


I'm a 57yr old grandmother. I was introduced to bio-peptide moisturizer about 1 1/2 yrs ago. After about 6wks my complexion was rejuvenated, soft yet toned looking, clear and pretty! My mother-in-law acknowledged the difference as well as others and yes strangers ask how 'young' am I. I absolutely love ths product, glad my mom-in-law introduced me to it and now I don't want to live without it!