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Ecdermaid Package with Cream (3 Capsules + 1 Cream)

Ecdermaid Package with Cream (3 Capsules + 1 Cream)


Ecdermaid Package with Cream (3 Capsules + 1 Cream)

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The Ecdermaid cream has a pleasant aroma, applies easily with quick absorption and works to relieve the itching within a few minutes. My only complain is that the jar is too small with too little content. After a few applications, it is gone. With the eczema manifestations throughout the body, one jar can be used quite quickly. Bigger size jars should be an option to purchase.
Posted by Nelson Rodriguez, DMD on 1st Oct 2018

Very happy with your shipping, it was fast on line order. the "skin detox" on the first bottle, "EcDermaid " on fourth bottles now, the effect for itches about more then 30% well, maybe end of two month could be much better. The Hand & foot cream is wonderful for me, the body itches apply little on it, stop itches just a mins. very happy with this cream, will going to order more soon. my body itches has been almost four years. Thanks again
Posted by Su ching Chen on 30th Jul 2018

too early to do review now.
Posted by MOON FUNG on 22nd Jul 2018

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